Quiet on the set…and, Action!

GGP-Slate-large-xparentWelcome to GGP – Ground Glass Productions – video productions targeted for non-profit use by public access television stations.


Ooma’s Has Retired

For a number of reasons, we’ve stopped production of Ooma’s Cookie Jar. Covid helped spur this but other life events have some into play. So, for now, keep the faith, keep learning new recipes, and keep making great pastries.

2020 – Interesting Times

We’ve been quite this year because of, well, lots of things. Let’s just say Covid-19 to keep things simple. But, we’ve just finished a short series of Holiday Cookies shows and they’ll be going to YouTube as we process them. The first is cookies for dogs. The rest will take a week or so to finish. We’ve done seven in total. Here’s our first…

Ooma Is Busy With New Shows

We are catching up in 2020 with new shows. Production during the latter part of February means shows will come out as soon as Casey can do the editing. The first in the series has already been posted to YouTube and PEG Media, Gourgeres. The others will show up slowly over the coming days.

  • Gourgeres
  • Cruffins
  • Karpatka
  • Sicilian Ricotta Pie
  • Cloverleaf Rolls
  • Challah Rolls

Better yet! …we’re still going to do some new recipes this week.

If you want to see the shows and/or recipes, check out Ooma’s website: oomas.info.


2019 Holiday Shows From Ooma’s

Here’s something we’ve worked on for the last two weeks…six new shows from Ooma’s.

Priorities And Opportunities

A few things to note…

  • Agawam: Open For Business is on hold
  • Thyme In The Kitchen is on a long term vacation
  • Ooma’s Cookie Jar was on sabatical in 2017, but we’re back!

We started producing more shows in 2018 and are doing distribution in a variety of ways. These shows have always had Youtube and access centers as targets. Youtube likes HD content, so that’s our emphasis. Access centers used to only like SD content, but that’s changing.

Look for Ground Glass Productions on Youtube. It’s easy to find.

If you need files, then PEG Media is the place to go if you are a remote access center. We’re going to start uploading both HD and SD content there. As far as Ooma’s Cookie Jar is concerned, shows will be shorter because the SD’s will be individual recipes and not DVD-style combinations.

Locally, we can usually get you programs if you ask nicely.

TIK Is On A Long Term Vacation

So, it’s been a while since we’ve updated TIK with any new shows…a really long time. It’s safe to assume that we will likely not be updating any time soon. Logistics and scheduling are to blame. It’s not for the lack of will as these shows have always been a lot of fun to do.

Also, it’s been an even longer time since we did and podcast links to iTunes so that’s kind of dead, too.

PSA’s – Worthwhile Efforts

The folks behind the stories of our PSA’s are interesting, commendable, tireless, and any other good work you can come up with. We’ve just started doing Public Service Announcements for such groups or people and they take as much time as Agawam: Open For Business or any of our cooking shows. Here are a couple of our recent efforts… Read more of this post

Agawam: Open For Business

AOFB Logo ImageWe’ve started a new project. It’s part of our new association with Agawam’s PEG station in that we decided to do a project focused on the city, itself. Having been involved in small businesses earlier in our lives, we thought this would be a good subject for a series. Small businesses often start because of a specialized interest someone has, a passion for a specific kind of work that leads to a business card, store front, home operation, or some other such endeavor. Check out our new website about this.


Branching Out In Agawam

GGP-BusinessCard We have started working in Agawam with the local cable access station as volunteers. This has inspired Lee to branch out and consider doing some small projects related to local businesses in the area. We may start this up as soon as June. Read more of this post

Ooma’s Cookie Jar

OomaFinalWhat was once our bakery business in Spencer, MA, is now a show about baking. We wanted to have a project we could do in Western Mass because our other shows require collaborations that are increasingly difficult to arrange. So, Lee is going solo here and she’s going to cover all her favorite pastry recipes and techniques. You can learn more at our website: oomas.info.

Need access to our videos? We are on Youtube. If you are a PEG station, check this out.

Our Process

We shoot using low-end video cameras. Our lighting isn’t fancy (five CFL and foam core plus a silver reflector.) We have a Rode Lav Mic for our old iPhone and, for backup, a Tascam DR-5 off to the side. Most of the time, the audio comes through without distortion. (Every once in a while that iPhone acts up.)

As for editing, the shows are done in themed segments. So, for example, when we did Polish Pastries, we chose Babka, Cernik, and Chrusciki. The shows were done in such a way, using fades to black, that when it came time to produce our DVD (MPG for cable stations, we really make few DVD’s now), it was a simple process of putting the segments on a timeline, trimming out the heads and tails of the inner segment, and then rendering the SD version.

Because of this process, Youtube gets the shows first. They may show up here next. The last place will be PEG because that works get done last.